A Vita Images Internship – Thomas Brownell

Want to know what an internship with Vita Images is like? Read a first person account from our intern Thomas Brownell.

Thomas Brownell interned for Vita Images while in high school.Vita Images provided me with many chances to build on my skills as both a photographer and a business owner. Much of my work was behind the scenes at Vita Images and I worked closely with both Jennifer and Mike. I learned how to construct a catalog for anything from large weddings to individual portraits all while developing my skills in Adobe Lightroom and other programs.

As an Intern, I was given the chance to provide my own input for products and interact with clients. These are the reasons I chose to work at Vita Images in the first place. The staff is terrific and very flexible to work with; they will listen to critical feedback and work with you every step of the way. Vita Images was my introduction into the business of photography and it provided me with many great opportunities to learn and gain experience in the field.


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