A Vita Images Apprenticeship – Mia Yakel

Want to know what a summer apprenticeship with Vita Images is like? Read a first person account from Mia Yakel.

Mia Yakel was a summer apprentice with Vita ImagesRecently I have completed a summer apprenticeship with Vita Images, and looking back I have only positive things to say. The entire experience from photo editing, assisting at shoots, and even getting to take a few pictures of my own has all been an invaluable experience to me as a student and as a photographer. Currently I am a junior at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and what I have found is that working with Vita Images has helped round out some of the aspects of photography that you don’t get from sitting in a classroom. For example, I have gotten real-world photography experience before I have even graduated, and I have gotten to observe how a photographer runs an incredibly successful business. This alone has definitely renewed my confidence that photography can be a rewarding career choice. (Future me is very pleased.)

One thing I wasn’t counting on with Vita Images was to be included as part of a family. Although I was only there for two months, in some ways it felt much longer because of the close personal relationships that were made. It definitely provides for a fun and positive working atmosphere, which I know is a luxury that few people are able to say. I already eagerly anticipate a return trip to Reston, Virginia, and can’t wait to continue working with Vita Images in the meantime.

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