Snow Days In Reston Make For Fun Days At Vita Images

Snow Days in Reston

I was pleasantly surprised this morning to wake up and find a little snow on the ground. Plus, Fairfax County Public Schools decided upon a two-hour school delay. My preschooler, Lauren, was delighted when she woke up and saw the snow out our bedroom window.

Snow Days in Reston

It’s been almost two years since we received any measurable amount of snow here in Reston. According to Capital Weather Gang, it’s been more than 728 days since our last real snow – one that has measured more than two inches. We may have had but an inch on the ground here this morning, but we’ll take it! For the past two years I bought Lauren both snowsuits and snow boots, yet they sat in the closet, sad and unused.

This morning we quickly dressed in those happy-to-be-used snowsuits and snow boots and headed outside to play. The snow was too powdery, so you couldn’t really do much, but we had fun stomping around in it.

However, by some miracle, we managed to make a snowman! She may have been only four inches high and we might have had to use mascara to paint on the eyes, but a snowman, or snow-woman in our case, was still fun for Lauren to make. And that’s all that matters.

Snow Days in Reston

Our friends at Reston Patch made our instagram photo of our snowwoman their Photo of the Day. This is one I’ll have to print, put in a frame, and make a tangible memory of our snow day.

Hopefully, we get some more snow this weekend and we can make a bigger snowman/woman or even snow forts, but until then, we still love the little surprise mother nature gave us this morning.


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