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Maybe just once you want to be in the photo instead of behind the camera.

You don’t want to have to dress anyone up, fight traffic at the mall or tears that will come.

You want to be the good guy with your kids.

We make it easy to make the impossible …. possible!

You come to us or even better, we’ll come to you. We will take some awesome photos and we might even let you be in a few.

Don’t have hours in the day to email? – Then text us – 703.915.2745 to chat about a session.

We are parents of four – believe me – we have been there.

What do your packages include?

This ultimately depends on what you as a family want in terms of coverage, albums, prints, etc. We start with four basic packages and customize based on your needs. Note: our current pricing structure is changing, contact us at 703.915.2745 for our latest packages!.

We love photographing what makes your family unique. We capture the personalities, the emotion, the silliness and most important – the love.

From the moment you book your session we are working with you to make sure this is no ordinary photo shoot. We will talk about the location, the best time of day to shoot your family and what you want from your session.

Studio Session – $150

This 45-minute session takes place in Reston, Virginia, where we have access to miles of woodland areas and cool trails.

  • Includes color-corrected, password-protected online photo gallery
  • In-person consultation and viewing of your images
  • A $50 product credit towards prints, album or cards


Location Portrait Session – $300

This session could be one child or many kids, you and your dogs, boudoir, newborn, maternity, seniors – anything you can think of as your version of a family portrait, we are happy to do. These usually take place at location of your choosing, indoors or outdoors within a 45 mile drive of Reston, for up to two hours.

  • Includes a color-corrected, password-protected online photo gallery
  • In-person consultation and viewing of your images
  • A $100 product credit towards prints, album or cards


Generations Session – $600

These are for those special times your extended family is together – family reunions, holidays, birthdays, or christenings. We do large group portraits as well as breakouts sessions of smaller groups. We capture candid moments as well during this time to give a really nice look inside your family. These are photographs you will cherish for years to come.

These usually take place outdoors or indoors at a location of your choosing (within a 45 mile drive of Reston) for up to three hours.

  • Includes up to 3 hours of photographer time
  • A color-corrected, password-protected online photo gallery
  • In-person consultation and viewing of your images
  • A $200 product credit towards prints, album or cards


Life Session – $800

This session lasts about 4 hours while we hang out with your family on a day of adventure.  These are great especially for families with younger children.

We come up with a few hours of activities for you and your family to enjoy while we photograph all the insanity that comes from being a family. These are our favorite sessions to do because they capture real life – the messy, the hugs, the tears and the love.

We also take more formal portraits somewhere along the way during this session.

These are the most real portraits you will ever have of your family!

  • Includes up to 4 hours of photographer time
  • A color-corrected, password-protected online photo gallery
  • In-person consultation and viewing of your images
  • $300 product credit towards prints, albums or cards
  • Your own iPhone/iPad app with 40 photos


Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a session photographed by Vita Images?

Vita translated in Italian means “life”. What better way to capture these storytelling moments of life than through professional photography? We work on telling your story not only through portraits, but also by the candid moments that always happen in our sessions.

We want Vita Images to photograph us! How do we book you?
Call 703-915-2745 or email us at info@vitaimages.com! We will need to coordinate a date for the shoot. Our weekend dates fill quickly in the spring or fall, so don’t wait to get in touch.

To hold your session, you will need to select one of packages or have a custom package made up for you, sign a contract, and pay a session fee. All of this can be done through our easy online booking system – no stamps or driving required.

Which session should I choose?
That depends on your goal for the session.

If you’re simply refreshing the portraits you had taken recently or looking for a holiday card and are willing to come to Reston, then a Studio Session is perfect.

If you would like us to come to your location, a Location Portrait Session would fit the bill.

If you have the extended family in town, and then our Generation Session is an ideal choice.

Now if you want something truly unique, then our Life Session is the way to go. The possibilities are endless for this session and the photos will become priceless reminders of this moment in time as the years go by.

What location should we use?
Home or a place you are familiar with usually makes the best choice. We are lucky to live in an area with a huge amount of beautiful locations and are free to chat about the best location for the portraits you want.

We travel to any location within 45 miles of Reston free of charge. If you want a beach portrait or a location in the mountains, we are happy to do that for an additional travel fee.

I need more info on what to wear or how to prepare?
Once you book your session you will have access to our exclusive client lounge. This online lounge will give you tips on what to wear, how to prepare, great locations and other useful information.
Do you provide the digital files or the DVD?
The color-corrected, high-resolution files are available for purchase after your session for an additional fee.

We provide a release granting you permission to make all the prints your heart desires.

We also give a print credit with every package so you can buy a big print or a collection of prints.


You have best intentions to print photos or design an album from the files but instead you are out enjoying life – going on vacation, driving kids to soccer, going to festivals…just being family.

Your DVD gets put in a drawer and 5 years later – you have no photos on the walls. How do we know? We hear it from countless families and yes…. we use to do the same thing ourselves.

We want to ensure every portrait session has something tangible –prints or an album to show off how fabulous your family is.

After all – how else are those descendants of yours going to see how cool you were in the 21 st century!

Can we share our photos via social networking?
We provide a selection of watermarked photos on our blog and Vita Images Facebook page from your session that you can share with friends and family.