about mike

I always enjoyed taking pictures as a kid while growing up in Virginia Beach. I started working for my school’s yearbooks and newspapers in junior high and realized I was better than the average bear with a camera in my hands. While I started out at James Madison University as a Chemistry and Mass Communications double major, I spent more time making frames than heating solutions and ended up becoming the Photo Editor of The Breeze , JMU’s student-run newspaper, for three years before graduating magna cum laude.

From there, I pursued a journalism career, working as a photojournalist and photo editor for newspapers all across the country, from The Roanoke Times to The Virginian-Pilot to The Chicago Tribune to The St. Petersburg Times , before finally moving to online media with AOL for seven years. I specialized in news and sports coverage, where there are no reshoots or do-overs; while that may sound stressful, I’ve always had the ability to focus, isolate, and showcase the crucial elements of any live event.

What’s always been important to me is being able to capture a moment in time, freezing that event so people can always reflect back on it after their memories fade. It’s the main reason I pick up a camera, and what I strive to provide to our clients on every shoot.